China Trip

Modern Health Care from a Traditional Chinese Holistic Approach

To fully grasp the scope and vastness of Chinese Medicine, you must see it practiced in its native land. In China, both modern and Traditional Chinese Medicine is fully integrated in the hospitals. There are both Chinese herbal and western medications in the pharmacies.

A trip to China is very fulfilling for the TCM practitioner that has studied outside of China. It is very rewarding to see the medicine fully accepted by a community of patients and doctors and gain insight into the cultural nuances from which it grew.

Johnson has been studying in the Zhejiang Province of China in the city of Hangzhou since 2002. He returns periodically to study with his teacher, Dr. Ninghan Feng who specializes in a style of Classical Acupuncture called Jiu Gong or Nine Palaces which is based on the I-Ching and BaquIMG_1103a.  Along with internships in various hospitals around Hangzhou, there will also be lectures by expert teachers in their field.

Participants of this 2 week internship will study at the prestigious Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is  currently ranked among the top 10 TCM schools in China.  It is located among the lush countryside known for its beautiful West Lake(Xihu) and Dragon Well (Longjing) Tea along with its cuisine of locally harvested vegetables, fruits and seafood. Here’s a video of the sights in Hangzhou: Hangzhou

The trip will take place in the Fall 2020. For practitioners, there will be 50 CEUs (category 1) from the CA Acupuncture Board. We will be accepting inquiries and sign ups starting in Spring of 2020. Dates for the fall trip is TBD.


More info: China trip info session 2018

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More pictures:  China Trip in Hangzhou